Meet The Team


President                                                                    Honorary Director & Founder

  • Andrew Se Jin Kim, M.D.                                     •  John Hong, M.D.


  • Jay Sung Lee, Esq


  • Sungeun Choi, Ph.D.
  • Kathleen Kim

Program Coordinator

  • Karen Lee

Website Administrator

  • Joonyup Yeom

Members of the Board

  • Samuel Cho, M.D.
  • Hoon Chung, Vice President at Morgan Stanley
  • Agnes Han, D.P.M.
  • Gabriel Jung, M.D.
  • Hyun Suk Kang, President of Earth Therapeutics
  • Kelly Kang
  • Sunny Kang
  • Adam Kim
  • Hong Suk Kim, Pastor
  • Joon Taek Kim, Former President
  • Yong Sung Kim, Former Secretary
  • Sara Kim-Beague
  • Ilyeon Kwon, President at H-Mart
  • Sangwoo Lee, M.D.
  • Wan Soo Lee, M.D.
  • Karen Na, Bank of Hope
  • Heungsoo Sul, M.D.
  • Kap-Jae Sung, M.D.
  • Juyoung Yeo, The Korea Times News

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